In 1974, with a show of works by Toti Scialoja, the Mantra Gallery was opened in Turin. It was mainly occupied with modern and contemporary art, also looking to the moving picture in France, where, in 1976 it opened an exhibition space in Paris. In 1990 the gallery changed its name to that of the director, Paolo Tonin. They organised numerous shows including anthological shows in 1976 to Piero Dorazio and Stanislav Kolibal, the 'Support-Surface' group, and in 1979 they organised the 'Centralino', which was a showing of artists' films, from Brocani to Schifano. Since 1990 Paolo Tonin has been dedicated mainly to emerging artists, and in 95 a very important show of Keith Haring and in 99 at Arco Madrid a one-man show of Gianni Piacentino. Numerous catalogues and books have been produced about the artists of the gallery, often in conjunction with other publishers.